Book Quotes

Heya!! 🙂 I thought I’d add a page that was a little bit different and full of quotes I’ve liked from different books I’ve read and I’ll keep adding to it as I read. Feel free to message me with any of your own quotes from books you’ve read. 🙂


“Screwing up one minute doesn’t mean you can’t be amazing the next. You just have to learn from your mistakes. Go in and try something different next time.” ― Breakaway, Catherine Gayle


“I’d step into the fire with him, just to feel my soul burn, the way only he can make it” – Inside danger, Ashley Claudy.


“On angel’s wings, love flew in.” ― Eyes wide open, Renee Dyer


“It is not those things that have been done to us that make us who we are; it is what we choose to do with them. Live, laugh, love, and choose to be fearless.” – Breakaway, Catherine Gayle


“Love should be pain immersed in comfort. It should be fear wrapped in courage. It should never be easy.” ― Revue, K.M. Golland


“I hated him
… until he was gone.
And that’s when I loved him
… and hated myself.” ―Revue, K.M. Golland


“I can’t promise not to make you mad. I can’t promise that I won’t hurt you. All I can promise is that I want you in my life, and I’ll do anything to keep you there.”  ― My favourite mistake, Chelsea M. Cameron


“I’d rather fight with you every day then be perfect with someone else” – Accepted fate, Charisse Spiers