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** Review ** Black Mountain – Kate loveday

29962804An adventure set in the Australian rainforest, where the race is on to discover a precious plant — and an even rarer kind of attraction.

Elly Cooper’s friend Jackson has gone missing — along with a journal that contains her dead father’s lifelong work and the recipe for a product he described as the ‘fountain of youth’, potentially worth millions.

The catch is that the main ingredient is a rare plant found only in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. And only her father knew where to find it.

Elly enlists the aid of ex-policeman Mitchell Beaumont to help her find Jackson, the journal and the plant. But someone else is on the trail of the precious plant, and it seems they’ll stop at nothing — even murder — to get what they want.

It’s a race against time in the tropical heat as Elly and Mitchell battle the perils of the rainforest — and the feelings growing between them.

4.5 Stars
This is a fantastic short read that is fast pace and exciting. I really enjoyed this story as it was something different and really captured my attention.
Elly is in a race against time to find the flower that holds the secret to her father’s fountain of youth oil, she’s determined to finish what her father started and she’s not going to let searching a rainforest stop her. Only problem is she’s not the only one looking for the undiscovered flower but it’s difficult to get ahead of someone when you’ve no clue who they are. Elly’s mother calls in the help of Mitchell to find out who stole her husbands research and so Elly isn’t  out searching the rainforest by herself. Spending so much time with Mitchell, Elly might find more then just the flower.


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