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** Review ** Gabriel’s Angel – Caroline MacCallum

28693495When destiny gets it wrong, a lifetime of true love hangs in the balance. Gabriel Black doesn’t want to believe he’s been dumped, but when the texts, calls and sweetly scented letters from his long-distance girlfriend, Elle Cassidy, suddenly stop, what else can he think?

Just as well his family is starting a new life away from the rat race, which means he can find out what’s going on face to face. But when things don’t go to plan, he finds it hard to keep his cool. And when life gets downright creepy, Gabe’s hot temper quickly burns through his veins
as he struggles to comprehend his situation.

When the dust settles, he learns that a twist of fate means he’ll have to navigate a new, never before-trodden path if he’s to have Elle at his side. It’s not easy, danger lurks in the shadows and he has to fight to protect what’s his. But Gabriel and Elle have allies, the ghostly glow of the moonlight is their friend, family love provides breathtaking strength, and together they can face the future no matter how many soul-takers try to tear them apart

5 stars!!!
I have to thank the author Caroline MacCallum  for kindly providing me with a copy of her book to review.
Amazing!! I have to say I don’t read a lot of paranormal books even though I’m obsessed with watching Supernatural but Gabriel’s angel sounded great and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.
Gabe’s keen to move to the family’s new home so he’s near his long distance girlfriend and he can find out why he hasn’t heard from her in a while. He’s expecting to find he’s been dumped but nothing can prepare him for the truth and before he can even get his head around what’s going on he has to fight to protect Elle being taken from him forever.
Gabriel’s angel is a nice short read full of twists, turns and soul binding love.


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